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Our Awards

"I was particularly impressed with the professionalism and accessibility of your web site, and the focus on the quality and reliability of your services. The balance you have achieved, and the sense of community, support and helpfulness that the site generates is to be applauded!"
"We have recently reviewed your site and are pleased to include you in our Disabled Travel category. Your site has also received a USA Travel Pages Gold Award for 2002"
"Your web site is a Winner of the Silver Award for Best of the Web for MacOS! This is one of our highest honours for a Macintosh web site, and an Award that must be earned."
"The Medaille d'Oris given for Web Site Excellence. We trawl lists of new and popular sites to find those worthy of the Mdaille d'Or. The Award is in the form, as the name implies, of a gold medal. This is displayed on successful sites."
"Congratulations! The International Association of Web Masters and Designers has reviewed your web-site and you have been chosen to bear the 2000-2001 Golden Web Award."
Congratulations on winning the award for Best of the Web !
This award is very prestigious, and it means that your site is one of the absolute best on the Internet. Many sites enter, but very few make the cut. Your site has met the award requirements for the silver award.  Of all the applications we receive (and we do receive a lot!), less than 10% win silver, and less than 1% win gold. This award symbolizes excellence and high quality standards, all demonstrated by your website. you invested in creating a successful website.



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