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Symbols in e-mail



An emoticon (e-moti-con) is an emotional expression used in an electronic message (e-mail). Use these sparingly. We may not have covered them all...send us your favorites. A symbol on the other hand is used to convey an idea or a picture

:-) Smily Face
:-* kiss
;-x nasty words
;-) winking at you
:-( Frown - sad
|:-) I'm calm
>:-( Angry frown
>:-[#] Gnashing teeth
:-% my mistake
|-O this is boring


:-@ screaming
:-^ tongue in cheek joke
:-P tongue out
at you
:-/ perplexed
;-} leer
:-e disappointment
:-! foot in mouth
:-& tongue tied
:- macho
>- feminine
:-Q smoker
:-{ mustash
:'(''''' crying
o:-) you're an angel
=|:-( Government
8-) wears eyeglasses


Information on this page was in part courtesy of Dark Mountain


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