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Traveler's London





Great Britain
where heritage and culture reach back over thousands of years

Great Britain is a destination where heritage and culture reach back over thousands of years. It is a country of Royalty, castles, ancient cathedrals, Robin Hood and Shakespeare.
It is a place of charming romantic villages, historic cities, quaint country lanes, and standing stones.
Our programs visit incomparable theater, quintessential English gardens in regions where you can enjoy cream teas, crumpets, cricket and warm ale...there is so much waiting for you.

Every tour and destination are designed with access, comfort, and exposure to the local culture in mind. Each program features accessible vehicles, accessible accomodations, and the services of talented local guides who fill your visit with useful facts and fond memories.
So many names and so much confusion
Many folks mistakenly say Great Britain when they talk about England. Actually, on the island of Great Britain, England is the largest of three political divisions with Scotland to the north and Wales to the west. Together with Northern Ireland, the three (England, Scotland and Wales) make up the country that is officially known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Where heritage
and culture
reach back over thousands of years
there is so much
waiting for you.



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