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Handling your investments

To Begin Travel Planning

Travel Planning Costs

Close-in Departures

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barrier free travel planning






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Accessible Vacation Planning

Our accessible vacations are the best of all travel possibilities for travelers wanting an accessible vacation at their own pace.

With a "design-implement" travel planner like Accessible Journeys,
our accessible lifestyle vacations include everything a traveler with wheels needs for a great vacation.

barrier free vacation planning

Each accessible lifestyle vacation is custom designed for each client and includes all accommodation, accessible transportation, private drivers and guides (when needed) and travel insurance.

We also make available
- world wide cell phones
- foreign currency exchange
- Overseas mobility equipment

30 years of experience making the world more accessible

accessible travel planning


About Accessible Travel Planning

Handling your investments with an accessible travel planner
Planning a custom accessible lifestyle vacation© is an investment that we take very seriously and we devote considerable resources to making sure our clients' investments in time and money are rewarded. An experienced travel planner help with important planning decisions through each phase and manages all of the details of each vacation.


How to begin planning your Accessible Vacation
Before we begin work on your custom travel itinerary we must receive a "Goodwill Deposit" of $250.00 for each person participating in your vacation plan (US funds only). If you are departing within eight weeks a goodwill deposit does not apply and you should read details under "close in departures."
If you are not departing within eight weeks we return your goodwill deposit if
• You decline our initial proposal
• After your travel program you have no unpaid expenses*
(*with Accessible Journeys or our overseas suppliers and is not limited to, processing insurance claims, and collecting refunds where applicable.

After the Goodwill Deposit, what next?
After we receive your Goodwill Deposit we create a complete personalized travel plan and vacation itinerary just for you. Our vacation plan includes all of the services and accommodations we both agree to include in your vacation, nothing more, nothing less; only your vacation. If you accept our initial travel proposal you become our client. If you decline our initial travel plan, we refund 100% of your Goodwill Deposit. After you accept our proposal we use your Goodwill Deposit for telecommunication expenses, postal fees, wire transfers, and other expenses directly related to your travel planning. As our client, we exchange as much information with you as we can and we work closely with you to can create the vacation experience that's perfect for your interests, abilities, and budget. Our accessible travel planning can be jam-packed with activities, or as leisurely as you want. Together we work to meet your expectations and to plan the holiday designed just for you.


Costs involved with accessible travel planning?
a specialized, custom itinerary usually takes weeks and sometimes months to complete. Depending on the complexity of the vacation, most itineraries we design usually need a hundred or more of communications and a few dozen person-hours to make it work perfectly to our clients' expectations. The expenses for planning an independent itinerary are person-hours, telecommunication charges, postal fees, banking fees and service fees from other supplies. Some of our earnings come from the commissions we earn from hotels and service providers (which the public can not collect) but these alone do not cover the costs to us to expertly plan an accessible itinerary. Our fee is proportional to the level of detail and specialization each trip requires.


About close-in departures
If your vacation request is within ten weeks or less before departure before we begin work on your custom travel itinerary we must receive a "Prepare for Travel Payment" of $250.00 for each person participating in your vacation. If you do not accept our initial travel plan your Prepare for Travel Payment is nonrefundable.


Credit cards for Goodwill Deposit
We are a member of the "PayPal" secure payment system. We accept Visa and Mastercard credit card payments only for Goodwill Deposits through the "PayPal" program. The security of your payment is guaranteed. Other payments are subject to our Terms and Conditions for Land Travel and Terms and Conditions for Cruise Travel

Can I discuss proposed holiday plans without a Goodwill Deposit?
Over the years we've collected tremendous volumes of accessibility information about the destinations we serve. Our travel planners can discuss your overall travel plans. However, we are a professional design-implement travel planner and our conversations can not include discussions of resources, price estimates, hotel lists, access at attractions, or other DIY (Do It Yourself) information.

A Goodwill Deposit for planning a cruise?
NO !
We offer cruise holidays for travelers with special needs to destinations around the world. We have personally inspected, photographed, and measured the accessible staterooms aboard the ships we sell. We're very confident that we can answer all your cruise questions without the time consuming research and resources that are required to plan an independent itinerary.

Can I get "hotel lists" and access information?
We are a design-implement travel planner and we do not provide hotel lists or access resources. This type of information is best obtained from a travel resource center.

As a client can I get access information on my destination?
As a client of Accessible Journeys we share with you the tremendous volumes of accessibility information we have collected about the destinations we serve. We can assist you with dinner reservations, entertainment selections, theater tickets, and accessibility information about attractions, destinations, and shopping.

What about "Open-Ended" travel planning
Our accessible travel planning requires advance reservations for your hotel, drivers and guides. We do not provide access information or hotel lists for travelers wanting an "open-ended" vacation, (i.e. choosing hotels and attractions in-country, or upon arrival).

About self-drive automobile travel inside the USA
Our self-drive, accessible vacations are outside of the USA. Driving vacations inside the USA are available by AAA (Automobile Association of America).

About self-drive automobile travel outside the USA
Working with the Access-Network© we have developed the expertise and the resources to create self-drive automobile itineraries outside the USA offering the highest level of accessibility possible. We provide route information, advance hotel reservations with guaranteed accessible accommodations, English speaking guides and more.

What makes the services of Accessible Journeys so special?
Accessible Journeys is a leader and a pioneer in the accessible travel Industry. After 21 years of providing services exclusively to slow walkers, wheelchair travelers, their families and their friends no agency is better qualified to handle your accessible travel needs. Our well traveled staff have inspected hotels and attractions giving us the ability to personally design your tour program to maximize access and maximum enjoyment. Working with the Access-Network© we have developed the expertise and the resources to create the very best accessible travel programs possible.

Estimates and Ball Park prices
With a "design-implement" travel planner like Accessible Journeys our travel experiences are a complete package of travel services intended to give our clients wheelchair accessibility and everything else they'd need for the vacation of their dreams. We provide quotes and ball park estimates all the time to our clients. These quotes and estimates are derived from our investiment of time and thought into our clients' vacation. Our travel planners are free to discuss your accessible travel plans in general terms and we require a Goodwill Deposit to give a quote because too many factors influence the cost of each custom vacation such as:
The Destination
Dates of Travel & Duration
Total Number of Passengers
Level of Accessible Hotel Accommodation (3 Star, 4 Star, 5 Star)
Use and Frequency of Licensed Guide Services
Class and Frequency of Foreign Airline & Rail Services
Need for Accessible Vehicles (plus availability and frequency used)
Self-Drive Accessible Vans vs. Chauffeur Driven Accessible Vans
Foreign Currency Valuation



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