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Information for Professional Travel Agencts


Number of Travelers

Professional Travel Agent partners

We welcome inquires from all IATA, ARC and CLIA licensed travel agents and agencies. Accessible Journeys, Inc. is a wholesale tour operator and travel planner and we encourage you to contact us about independent itineraries and our group tours.

For 32 years our only business has been planning itineraries and operating tours exclusively for wheelchair travelers, their friends and their families.

To begin working with you, your agency and your client, we have prepared information specifically for our travel agent colleagues.

Our group Tours:
All of our group programs can be booked by travel agents. Our group programs are commissionable to all IATA, ARC and CLIA licensed travel agents and agencies. These are commissions that can not be collected by the general public.

Standard travel industry commissions are paid to all IATA, ARC and CLIA licensed travel agents and agencies.
Our commissions can not be collected by the general public and are not additional fees charged to our clients. Inquiries regarding commission schedules must be accompanied by a valid IATA, ARC and CLIA number. Commissions are not paid on special events tickets, dinner reservations, VAT where applicable, companion services, medical equipment, medical supplies, medical equipment rentals, additional single supplement charges and administrative fees.

FIT planning for your client:
Our independent holidays are structured itineraries featuring reserved accommodations offering a high level of accessibility. It is not possible for us to design unstructured "accessible routes" without pre-reserving facilities. Specialized itinerary planning can, at times, require weeks or months of work with numerous communications to many parts of the globe.

How do I become a client of Accessible Journeys:
A nonrefundable Design Implement payment of $250.00 per person is required to engage our agency to begin the planning phase of each custom, accessible, vacation. On receipt of your payment we create a complete personalized accessible vacation including accommodations, all necessary transfers, guided sightseeing and a quotation of cost.
Quotations are based on a single vacation price and not itemized. 100% of your Design Implement payment is applied to your final vacation costs and Design Implement payment are 100% nonrefundable. Design Implement fees are valid for one specific vacation, inclusive of comprehensive services (accommodations, transportation, guiding and sightseeing), during a specified time, or season. Please note that Design Implement payments are not vacation deposits and vacation services will not be booked or confirmed until deposits are received. Design Implement payments are applicable towards your final vacation balance and can not be used for deposits, travel insurance, rail, air ticket or other purchases. Design Implement fee can not be transferred All tours booked with Accessible Journeys are subject to the terms and conditions of our Vacation Agreement Design Implement fee can not be transferred..

Can our clients use a credit card to make a telecommunications deposit?
We are a member of the "PayPal" secure payment system. We can accept Visa and Mastercard credit card only through the "PayPal" program. The security of each payment and the privacy of your client' personal information is guaranteed.

Number of Travelers

How we work with travel agents:
By working closely with you, we can create an itinerary designed specifically with your clients' interests & budget in mind. After receipt of your clients' "goodwill deposit" and specific information about your clients' and their holiday, we prepare a preliminary itinerary and quote. Depending on your clients' destination and touring details, our initial itinerary and proposal could take as much as 2 to 3 weeks to prepare. After receipt of our initial proposal, we ask you to review our proposal with your client and to contact us with any corrections, changes or concerns.
      During this phase we work closely with you to "fine tune" your clients' program without charge for changes or corrections. The number and the extent of your clients' changes determine how quickly we can return a second, a third or even a forth proposal for their consideration. In our experience of preparing 100's of personalized itineraries, we've found that we can rarely "hit the nail on the head" with our initial proposal. Your clients talk with their friends and neighbors, read travel articles and inevitably make changes. The back and forth process of refining your clients' itinerary is just that...a please express to your clients the time consuming nature of this process.
      At the end of this process we present your clients' with their finalized itinerary and quote. It is your responsibility to collect and forward your clients' payment to our agency.

What we need to know about your clients:
To better serve the needs of your client & customize a private itinerary, include the following information:
(1) Complete name of each traveler (as noted on legal documents)
(2) Age of each traveler
(3) Type & dimensions of the wheelchair being used
    (scooters & electric wheelchairs may not be accommodated
      in all regions)
(4) Reason for using wheelchair (illness, injury, fatigue, etc.)
(5) Preferred dates of travel & length of stay
(6) Detail special needs, if any
(7) Preferred level of accommodations
(8) Specific interests, attractions or sites to visit, if any
(9) Estimated budget

Can I get information about proposed holiday plans without sending a goodwill deposit?
Over the years we've collected tremendous volumes of accessibility information about the destinations we serve. Our experienced travel professionals are happy to discuss your clients' overall travel plans and assist you with any logistical questions to assist your clients. It is not possible to provide detailed quotes, or estimates since the dates of travel, level of accommodation, use of guide services, their length of stay, and the foreign currency valuation will ultimately determine your clients' final costs.

Are your group cruises commissionable?
NO !
Our contract with our cruise suppliers specifically prohibits us from offering a retail commission. We do offer a "booking fee" to agencies who place their clients into our group cruises. Our "booking fee" is a payment from our agency and is not an additional fee charged to your client.

Can I get "hotel lists" and accessibility information about a particular destination?
NO !
That information is best obtained from a travel resource center and not from a tour planner like Accessible Journeys. Our independent holidays are structured itineraries featuring reserved accommodations offering a high level of accessibility. It is not possible for us to design unstructured "accessible routes" without pre-reserving facilities.

Does Accessible Journeys plan driving routes and driving itineraries in the USA?
This type of holiday is best planned by a professional automobile association such as AAA.

Does Accessible Journeys plan driving routes and driving itineraries in countries outside the USA?
Working directly with our worldwide offices and overseas colleagues our itineraries, hotel selections, and travel routes are all designed with a high level of accessibility by travel professionals who know accessibility firsthand.

What makes the services of Accessible Journeys so special?
No agency is better qualified to serve your accessibility needs in Europe, Scandinavia, Africa, India, Asia, and South America. Members of our staff have traveled extensively in these regions, inspected hotels, and we've personally designed our tour programs to maximize accessibility. The benefits of our personal inspections are available to our group programs and to your clients who choose to travel independently.

We look forward to assisting you with your special needs clients. For further details contact Accessible Journeys, Inc.



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