Accessible Egypt

Our wheelchair accessible group tour to Egypt includes everything a wheeled travel wants in a first class accessible tour to Egypt; wheelchair accessible hospitality: hotels with wheel-in showers, accessible van transportation, knowledgeable English Speaking guides, time to wander and roll around Egypt’s many antiquities, a cruise on the Nile River with an accessible stateroom with a wheel-in shower, a morning to barter for goods in one of the world oldest markets and time to refresh by the Red Sea in the desert before returning home.

All of our trips to Egypt are very customizable and adjustable to every travelers level for energy and endurance.  We’ve managed very well with travelers with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and quadriplegics who can’t perspire.  Part of the success is taking advantage of air conditioning and places in the shade, the other reason for success is timing.

We send travelers to Egypt all year, however the highest seasons for tourism are in North America’s Spring and Fall. In the winter months of December, January and February, temperatures range from (68°F) in Alexandria where it rains a lot, to 80°F in Aswan where there’s no rain.  For March and April the dry and hot winds of the Khamsin blows in from the West and the sky is choked with dust.  Hottest of all times are the summer months of June, July and August when any destination south of Cairo is unbearable hot – I mean sizzling.

Of the hundreds of Nile Rive cruises sailing in Egypt, very few of them are accessible. Our specially selected Nile River Cruises are wheelchair accessible with 5-star service and accommodation. Our Nile River cruises sail every Monday from Luxor for 4 nights and from Aswan every Friday for 3 nights. We have access to a maximum of 4 fully wheelchair accessible staterooms. These selected staterooms are junior suite category and spacious enough for wheeling around and without barriers. Bathrooms are equipped with wide entrance door Grab rails and roll-in showers.

When it comes to disembarkation there are some inherent issues with access: In Egypt, Nile River cruise boats dock parallel to the pier and often times multiple ships will dock side by side to one another extending from the pier. The Nile cruise boat we use normally docks in the 2nd or 3rd position from the pier and this presents a series of obstacles from the quayside to the boat. For this reason, we have to ask passengers who wish to disembark to agree to being lifted by the crew during disembarkation. Passengers using heavy wheelchairs may need to disembark separately from their equipment in a manual wheelchair and join the equipment once on land.

On land, our clients are to accompanied by a trained Egyptologist tour guide throughout the Nile Cruise. Sightseeing is specially prepared and accessible tours are available at the following sites:
– Aswan High Dam & Unfinished obelisk
– Luxor East Bank: Temple of Luxor & Temple of Karnak
– Luxor West Bank: Temple of Deir Bahary / Colossi of Memnon

Our tour is designed to provide maximum participation and to be as barrier free as possible. Our wheelchair accessible vacations in Egypt are the very best of all possibilities. Our first hand knowledge about access and accessibility in Egypt and our collaboration with the world’s best accessible travel planners make any Egypt travel dream come true.

For more details about wheelchair travel and handicapped traveler access in Egypt, contact Accessible Journeys.

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