Snow doesn’t stop Accessible Journeys

Outside Accessible Journeys’ Office at 5PM on Jan 21, 2014

Mother Nature brought 12+ inches of powdery snow to our office on Tuesday, January 21, 2014 closing our offices and shutting down Eastern Pennsylvania.

The flakes started around :15AM and by 10AM snow stayed on the streets and sidewalks immediately as it fell from the sky. By 12PM noon the storm was gathering energy with the snow flakes size increasing from sand-size tiny flakes to dime and nickle coin sized hunks of swirling frozen precipitation. The increase in the size of the snow flakes had a noticeable effect on visibility.

As soon as the snow started there was a steady stream of cars leaving the I-95 area (see photo on left).  By 5PM the steady procession of cars heading north past our office on Sellers Avenue had  slowing but the snow showed no signs of slowing down, and neither did the wind. Winds speeds were around 20 mph for most of the day befoer they increased to 25-30mph.  The temperature at 5PM is a chilly 19ºF.

The snow was not a problem at all for us. Kathy and I worked remotely on Tuesday and Wednesday from our home offices. Kathy answers our client’s calls on the 1.800.TINGLES Line (1.800.846.4537) while I answered the local calls from vendors and suppliers.  Working remotely kept our phone lines open during the most difficult of time = when our client’s want to vacation and it’s snowing outside.    The temperature remains well below freezing but we are back to work and in the office on Thursday.

AJ’s wheelchair ramp cleared of snow

Despite the weather the wheelchair ramp is clean, dry and maneuverable and the world moves forward as we thaw out – stay warm.