Wheelchair Accessible Machu Picchu this summer in a wheelchair – No Problem

machu picchuPat wants to visit Peru this summer and she’s traveling with a wheelchair, No Problem!!!  She’s been traveling for her lifetime, she has the money, time, the ambition and the desire to still adventure at her age – what she doesn’t have is a group of travelers who’d like to go with her this summer to Peru and share the costs that she can’t afford as a wheelchair traveler, traveling alone.

Pat’s no stranger to traveling with her manual wheelchair and her special needs. She’s fully self sufficient and she’s been all over the world with us, and she’s been all around the west with Clint Grosse at Access Tours. Now Pat wants to stand at the top of Machu Picchu and take it all in.

Our wheelchair accessible adventures in Peru this summer center on the attractions in Lima, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and Cusco. We like the progression we’ve created in our accessible itinerary because it takes into account the gradually changing altitude and that route helps our travelers adjust better to the changes to avoid altitude sickness. Lima 5085 ft /1550 m, Machu Picchu 8200 ft 2500 m, Sacred Valley 8700 ft/2650 m Cuzco 10,913 ft/3326 m.

Altitude sickness is the most common malady our travelers experience who visits Cuzco, Machu Picchu, and Peru’s Sacred Valley. It affects every person differently with symptoms like headaches, nausea, and loss of appetite, breathlessness, sleep problems and palpitations.  While our guides and support teams carry portable oxygen containers, good hydration, a slowed pace and acclimatization at each elevation are cornerstones to abate the symptoms.

During our trip there are visits to the Cusco and Pisac Indian Markets, a picnic lunch at the Moray Inca terrace, a flight over the Nazca lines, and an unforgettable accessible day of outdoor adventures at Machu Picchu.

Despite the scarcity of wheelchair accessible Peruvian resources and the tremendous challenges related to their infrastructure, a good deal of travelers with disabilities have participated in our wheelchair accessible Peru vacations.  Nonetheless, this is a rigorous trip and a can-do attitude, good respiratory health, and flexibility are necessary. The passengers going Pat would be paying their own way, like her. They would also be flexible and willing to accept situations where access in Peru is still limited.  For this reason, scooters, carts and electric wheelchairs can’t be accommodated outside of Lima, and slow walkers and travelers with manual wheelchairs are invited.

Our accessible groups can only visit Machu Picchu in the summer months June, July and August, when it’s the the dry season in the Andean highlands. From December to March, it’s the wet season when it’s muddy, slippery, and too dangerous for the physically carrying that must go on for our clients to visit the terraced levels at Machu Picchu.

The entire summer is open and this summer, Pat wants to stand on Machu Picchu with a group of travelers and take it all in – Prospective adventures should write to Accessible Journeys.


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