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Companions Profiles





Professional care & personal assistance

All of our companions have excellent references, hands-on healthcare experience, extensive travel experience, $1000.00 trip cancellation insurance, $1000.00 trip interruption insurance, comprehensive travel insurance, personal medical coverage, comprehensive malpractice insurance, personal disability insurance, valid drivers license, and a valid professional license, (RN,MD,PT, RT, LPN,)

We assist with the interview
We mail you personal profiles and photographs of qualified applicants. We make it possible for you to talk directly with each companion about your needs while traveling.

We create a written agreement
We create a written agreement to protect your interests and expenditures. We also collect a good faith deposit from each travel companion to assure there will be no change of plans.

We keep costs down
In addition to room, board, and transportation, our companions earn weekly wages that begin at nine hundred dollars.


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