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Meet some of the companions
registered with Accessible Journeys

"Industrious, gregarious, and energetic," Inger is a veteran of many companion assignments. Her strong inter-people skills reaffirm to her clients that individual attention to personal needs is the most important factor in her success. Born in Denmark, Inger is fluent in several foreign languages. And as the wife of a U.S.A. Foreign Service Officer, Inger has spend most of her adult life living in other segments of the world. Living now in Virginia with her husband, Inger's son is in the US Navy and her daughter attends college full-time as a foreign relations major.

"Interesting, lively, and articulate," Gail has the personal and professional qualifications that have made her a success in nursing and in life. With 31 years of nursing experience with geriatric populations and life experience delivering companion care to a chronically ill elderly family member, Gail is a dependable companion and interesting personal assistant. No longer married and living in Pennsylvania, Gail's past experience as a companion makes her an asset on anyone's personal holiday.

"Enthusiastic, humorous, and inquisitive," Elliott is an enterprising Physician's Assistant who now works as one of our experienced companions and a professional tour guide for a Great Britain based travel company. Having raised his children and sold his successful medical supply company Elliott spends time traveling across the USA with British tourists and accompanying our clients on international holidays.

"Resourceful, adventurous, and enthusiastic" are some of the ways we describe Margaret's likable personality. With thirty years of experience in healthcare, private business, and government, Margaret is always looking to try another fulfilling challenge and to companion our traveling clients. Married to a veterinarian with a prominent local practice and with her children married with families of their own, Margaret is an experienced, capable companion who has time to adventure.

"Helpful, caring, and a hard worker," Vince offers more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare field. Putting in that extra effort and caring more about his client's needs than his own have made Vince a likable and successful traveling companion. Caring for foster children with special needs and painstakingly restoring a vintage Victorian home make Vince a talented and resourceful traveling companion.

"Thoughtful, stimulating, and sensitive," Paula likes a variety of challenges. With a Masters degree in Public Health and working towards a degree in journalism, Paula is married and the successful author of a book of nursing stories. Paula's professional, personal and spiritual lives have come together to move her towards more service towards others. Paula's ideal assignment would be to travel with a female of her same age where they would have time for sight-seeing and "some down-time with the locals."

"Adventurous, enthusiastic and adaptable," Joyce has 15 years of nursing experience in a variety of settings. Having a sister who is mobility impaired has given Joyce first hand experience with special needs travel. "I've learned not to be intimidated by ask innovative and to maintain a positive manner to obtain the desired outcome." With a particular fondness for senior travelers, Joyce is looking forward to traveling with "outgoing elders."

 "Patient, reliable, and outgoing," Kimberly is a positive, curious world traveler and LPN. Married with children who are adults, Kimberly traveled for four weeks through 11 countries in Europe with her daughter. With a love for warm weather, tropical climates, Kimberly is set on seeing the world around her and looking to sharing her traveling skills with anyone who is interested in historical sights and monuments..."I just love historical places."

"Punctual, committed and friendly," Sharon has traveled across the USA on nursing assignments for the last six years working in critical care environments "wherever I'm needed the most." With personal experience escorting several elderly family members around the USA and through Europe, Sharon has a large cachet of first hand traveling skills. American history and the though of traveling for several weeks with "frequent stops for sight-seeing" is what Sharon would like the most.


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