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Cruise Destinations

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There is no better way to discover the history of North America than to trace the path of the early explorers along the Eastern Seaboard of North America and the Canadian Maritime Provinces.

You'll encounter solitary lighthouses, rugged scenery, and the majestic beauty of Acadia National Park in Maine. Most likely you'll also visit historic attractions in Boston, explore cosmopolitan cities like Montreal, Quebec, and New York, learn of centuries of seafaring traditions in Halifax, and St John and tour places where gas lit lamps still flicker and the waterfronts are still centers of commerce for modern retail stores, and sidewalk cafes.


When you sail into the area of massive glaciers, panoramic fjords, green lowlands and high plateaus and tales of Trolls and Vikings, you've sailed to explore the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Included with many Scandinavian itineraries are ample opportunities to visit the marvels of the Baltics and Czarist Russia. These include visits to legendary St. Petersburg, and newly created get acquainted opportunities in Estonia and Poland.

Scandinavia and Russia - The Baltics


In any conversation, discussing these destinations casts almost a magical spell over your listeners...Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, South America, Japan, China, and India.

Sailing throughout the Earth's great oceans of the South Pacific, the South Atlantic, the Indian Ocean and parts of North Pacific, these voyages tend to be the realm of the savvy traveler who enjoys longer duration cruises and unique destinations.


The playground for those on the West Coast of North America, Mexico is home to some of North America's most stunning beaches, spectacular sunsets, and turquoise waters.

The Conquistadors came for the gold but it is the glittery resorts of the "Mexican Riviera," world-class sport fishing, and Indian craftwork that draws cruise passengers to the birthplace of the humpback and gray whales.

3 to 10 days voyages from California are perfect for individual travelers, honeymoon couples, and entire families.


Picture perfect islands, intoxicating beauty, lush green volcanic peaks are the home of waving palm trees, coconuts black sand beaches and one of the friendliest cultures on the planet.

Many of these cruises tender passengers into several islands during one voyage. The main ports are located on the islands of Oahu (the Capitol City and the location of Pearl Harbor), Kauai (the garden island and home of "Fern Grotto"), Hawaii (the "Big Island" and Volcano National Park) and Maui (the home of Haleakala, the largest dormant volcano on earth).

7 to 10 days voyages around the Hawaiian Islands are the dreams of honeymoon couples and perfect for individual travelers and entire families.

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