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Accessible Kenya Safari VacationsAccessible Kenya Safari Vacations

Accessible South Africa Safari VacationsAccessible South Africa Safari

Accessible Tanzania Safari VacationsAccessible Tanzania Safaris

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wheelchair accessible safari vacations





Wheelchair Accessible
Wildlife Safari Vacations

Our wheelchair accessible safari vacations in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and Zambia offer varying degrees of access, accessibility, creature comforts, and wildlife experiences. Every Opportunity is taken to personalize every wildlife experience with accessible game reserves, accessible vehicles and experiences specially created for travelers with wheelchairs.

Different wildlife enjoy different environments so we tailor make each wheelchair safari vacation to each wheelchair traveler. This assures for optimum access and optimum game viewing together

We have three decades of experience crafting unique, wheelchair accessible safaris in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and Zambia.

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Wheelchair Accessible
Safari Destinations

Accessible Kenya Safari Vacations
Our favorite wheelchair accessible safari for over 25 years because of the wildlife encounters. We developed and traveled our wheelchair accessible safari route to be sure we created the most accessible and adventurous safari in Kenya. Giraffes can pop their heads into your room on this safari. Read more in our blog about when to visit Kenya on Safari.

Accessible Tanzania Safari Vacations
We developed this wheelchair accessible safari vacation for travelers wanting something off the beaten track and something more than Kenya. If none other, the prize in Tanzania is Ngorongoro Crater. Travel times in Tanzania are a little longer between lodges, and road conditions are more spartan then in Kenya. Our Tanzania wildlife safari vacation visits Tarangire, Ngorongoro crater, Leakey's Olduvai Gorge, the southern Serengeti, and Lake Manyara.

Accessible South Africa Safari Vacations
Our wheelchair accessible South Africa safari vacations offer the highest degree of access and human creature comforts available. Accessible South Africa is the perfect destination for wildlife adventure, wine country adventures, Eco-tourism and South African cultural. Visit the north and Kruger National Park and then Capetown and the spectacular Garden Route.

Accessible Zambia Safari Vacations
The peaceful, landlocked Republic of Zambia in the southern half of the African continent boasts massive amounts of wildlife and one of the world's largest waterfalls all thanks to the enormous volume of water that passes through the country. Our wheelchair accessible Zambia safari vacations are for travelers wanting pristine wilderness, abundant wildlife, and modern conveniences that are few and far between and hard to get to.

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