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Wheelchair Accessible Vacations Planning in ChileWheelchair Accessible
Vacations Planning in Chile

wheelchair accessible Chile vacations

accessible Santiago Chile

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Wheelchair accessible Chile Vacations

Our wheelchair accessible lifestyle vacations in Chile offer travelers with wheels thousands of miles of Pacific coastline with scores of marvelous glaciers, mummified artifacts to examine at the driest desert on earth and the great mountain majesty of the Andes Mountains running along fertile valleys of vineyards with beautiful Mediterranean weather.

Our wheelchair accessible Chile vacations packages include everything a traveler with wheels would need to have for a great accessible vacation around Chile.
  • First Class accessible hotels
  • Boutique lodges & Luxury spas
  • Accessible transportation
  • Private drivers
  • English speaking guides
  • Airport transfers
  • Prepaid entrances & all meals
  • Rail, boat and airline reservations

wheelchair accessible ChileOur wheelchair accessible vacations in Chile for individual travelers, families and friends.

For more details on planning a wheelchair accessible vacation in Chile email or call Accessible Journeys

handicapped accessible chile
View into Chile from Argentina from Tierra del Fuego National Park, the "park of the End of the World." The park runs adjacent to the Chilean border.

accessible global warming toursCruise along the great Patagonian ice fields where tidewater glaciers are becoming a phenomena of the past.

Best time of Plan your visit:
Chile's seasons are the reverse of the seasons in the Northern Hemisphere. The climatic zones in Chile are divided into 3 main segments; dry desert in the north, Mediterranean in the middle and cold and wet in the south. The northern desert region of Atacama is the driest place in the world. With annual precipitation of less than 0.2 mm, parts of the desert are so dry, that microbial life can not exist and the land is completely sterile. In Santiago, in the country's central valley the best time to visit is September through April. With close proximity to Antarctic,a visits to the extreme south are best from December to March.

For details about accessible travel in Chile email Accessible Journeys.

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