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Wheelchair Accessible Galapagos and Amazon

Accessible Galapagos Rates Wheelchair accessible Galapagos and Amazon Adventures


Accessible Galapagos and Amazon Adventure

Our small group and individual wheelchair accessible vacation adventures in the Amazon and the Galapagos are provided on an individual basis so we can maximize the wheelchair accessible experience.

Our tour rates are based on your accommodations, your guide services, the number of travelers in your party, and the season when you travel.

Taking on a destination like the Galapagos is an adventure safari that requires a can do attitude and good weather. The situation is extremely challenging to power wheelchair travelers. Power wheelchair ans electric scooters can not be used throughout the entire trip and are problematic on intra-islands flights in small aircraft.
We would enjoy the opportunity to assist with your accessible travel arrangements in the Amazon and the Galapagos. For additional details or any questions, please contact Accessible Journeys.

13 Day Galapagos & Amazon Adventure

Day 1, Arrive to Quito
Meet and greet on arrival and accessible transfer to your hotel.

Day 2, Quito to the Amazon Basin
After breakfast leave Quito and travel to the Amazon region of Ecuador (about 4 hours). Your final destination is our accessible Amazon Lodge in the Amazon basin of Ecuador.  Check in, enjoy lunch, and in the afternoon visit a local indigenous community to interact and learn from the indigenous people through dance, traditions and costumes to maintain their traditions and history.  Return to the lodge for dinner.

Day 3, In the Amazon
Today is all about water. We drive about 45 minutes to the Anzu River for a raft trip along a beautiful and quiet class II river to admire the vegetation and the wildlife that live along the banks. After 2 hours in the river, there's an optional exit point or, the tour can continue on the water for 2 more hours where you have a picnic in a tiny port town by the beach. Return for a well deserved rest in the mid afternoon.

Special Note: transfers in and out of the boat are done by physical assistance by the boat crew. With the use of off road wheelchairs, we get the raft next to the chairs and assist travelers in and out of the raft. Security kayaks join us at all times, and all people in the boat travel with safety jacket and helmet.

Day 4, In the Amazon
This morning another visit with an indigenous association that grows organic, fair trade cacao beans. Cacao plays an important social, cultural and economic role in these amazon communities and we visit their collection center and observe the fermentation, drying and packing of cacao beans, which later reach international markets to be transformed into fine chocolate bars. After lunch we visit the towns of Archidona and Tena to discover a typical afternoon in this small amazon towns. The idea is to buy an ice cream and spend time at the local park, visit the local stores and share time with local people. Return to the lodge for dinner

Day 5, In the Amazon and into the Highlands
Today take an accessible hike through a secondary rain forest to learn about medicinal plants that grow in the Amazon. A local native guide gives commentary and demonstrations of local 10 plants and shares his knowledge of the jungle with us. After lunch we leave the Amazon and drive towards Baños de Agua Santa in the mid Andes region of Ecuador (2 hour drive). Arrive to Baños around 17h00. Check in at hotel and rest. The balance of the afternoon and evening are to discover this tiny, delightful town at the bottom of the active Tungurahua volcano. Dinner in Baños.

Day 6, Highlands cable car adventure, to Quito
Enjoy a cable cart ride through the ravines of the Pastaza river to admire the waterfalls and the mountains between the Amazon basin and the highlands. In mid morning leave for Quito and have lunch along the way. Arrive to Quito around 5:00PM and check into your hotel. The balance of the evening is for independent activities

Day 7, Quito to the Galapagos
Begin today with a short transfer to the Quito airport and a short flight 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador to the island of San Cristobal in the Galapagos chain.
Your arrival is timed for a late lunch before an adventure to the beach in search of wildlife. The place we're going to today is a known sea lion hang out for big sea lions who sun bath and vying for visitors attention. As the sun sets, we make the return back to town and get ready for a welcome dinner of fresh fish and island cuisine at a small local restaurant.
Special Note: Overnight is at a new hotel, with 8 double rooms in main floor. Access to the rooms and bathrooms is with wide doorways. Air conditioning in provided in each room. The bathroom have a bath tub, with grab on bars along the walls. We can provide a bath chair in the tub, and a telephone in the shower for emergency assistance.

Day 8, San Cristobal to Isabela Island
In the morning after breakfast travel by boat (4 hour boat ride) from San Cristobal Island to Isabela island. Arrive to Isabela around noon, check in the hotel. In the afternoon head to the pier for a kayak tour in the shallow bay in search of the Galapagos Penguin (the only penguin found north of the equator) and rays and turtles gliding near the surface. Return to hotel before sunset.
Special Note: transfers in and out of the boat are done by physical assistance by the boat crew. There are no electric lifts or similar devices. We use our off road wheelchairs and the crew safely transfers travelers into the boat. Once inside the boat wheelchair travelers are transferred into regular seat. Breakfast is along the way (at 8h00 am).
The hotel we use has good access to rooms and in the hotel. The doorways are 27.5 inches wide (70 cm) wide, there are grab bars in showers and thee is a 6 inch (15 cm) wall around the shower. We use a bathroom chair to go into the shower and our travelers need to transfer from the wheelchair to the bathroom seat. We is also a beach wheelchair to access the beach and the ocean.

Day 9, Galapagos giant tortoises
Roll along a mangrove-lined path of a coastal lagoon walkway, learn about the poison apple tree and hopefully see some pink flamingos before arriving at Isabela's Giant Tortoise Breeding Center. The center has almost a thousand giant tortoises in training for life on their own! Watch as baby giant tortoises learn how to mingle, eat, and navigate over the rocky terrain without flipping themselves over! In the afternoon visit the highland part of the island to observe a stunning sunset over Isabela. We provide assistance for all activities.

Day 10, Isabela Island to San Cristobal Island
After breakfast travel by boat from Isabela island to Santa Cruz island (2 hour boat ride). At Santa Cruz have lunch and visit the famous Charles Darwin Research Station. In the mid afternoon continue your boat ride to San Cristobal (2 hours boat ride) and arrive in San Cristobal in the late afternoon. Check in at the hotel. Balance of the evening and dinner are on your own. We have many nearby restaurant suggestions. Special Note: transfers in and out of the boat are done by physical assistance by the boat crew. There are no electric lifts or similar devices.

Day 11, Snorkel trip at Isla Lobos and Kicker Rock
Today is once again all about the water, the shoreline and an amazing array of wildlife above and below the surface. With the smell of sunscreen wafting through the air and full water bottles by our side, we cruise along the coast identifying shore birds like the Magnificent Frigate Bird and famous Blue-footed Booby. The first stop is in a channel beside Isla Lobos or Sea Lion Island. You can stay on board and keep a sharp eye out for marine iguanas venturing into the sea in search of lunch or, if you're keen, you can snorkel in search of damselfish, puffer fish, and, hopefully, curious sea lion pups.
Next continue to Kicker Rock or Leon Dormido as it's known by the locals to explore the final remains of a tuft cone rising over 143 meters out of the ocean. If Kicker Rock were a building, it would be almost 50 stories tall! The rock is home to a large population of Blue-footed Boobies and Nazca Boobies that have taken up residence on the ledges and shelves. From on board you can watch crabs scurrying along surface and see a magnificent wall of barnacles and sponges reveal themselves each time the tide recedes. Below the surface, along the edge and through the channel of this drastic compact ash formation, you remain on the hunt for sea turtles, spotted eagle rays, chocolate chip starfish, and, with any luck, a Galapagos Shark or two. For anyone not interested in snorkeling, the alternative activity is a visit to Puerto Grande, a beautiful beach accessible only by boat. Time after lunch is for swimming in the turquoise water, snapping photos of Kicker Rock in the distance, or simply relaxing on the boat. Return to San Cristobal around 4:00PM and spend you last night in town doing independent activities. Special Note: Wet suits, fins, mask and snorkels are provided for you. If you prefer to bring your own, please do so. If you wear glasses – you cannot wear your glasses with a mask. You can wear contacts or visit a dive shop to get a corrective lens mask if necessary. Transfer from boat to docks are done manually. No electric lifts or similar devices.

Day 12 San Cristobal to Quito
The morning starts with an educational visit San Cristobal's Interpretation Center – one of the best in the world for a look at the history and mystery of the archipelago from Charles Darwin's visit to the present day efforts to protect this amazing World Heritage site. Afterwards, there's a short hike to the overlook on Kicker Rock, the town, and Tijeretas that offers great photo opportunities. Check out hotel and transfer to airport to catch flight back to Quito. Arrive to Quito mid-late afternoon. Transfer to hotel for our last night in Ecuador.

Day 13, Depart Ecuador to your home
Morning accessible transfer to the airport for your onwards flight filled with fond memories of your adventure in the Amazon and the Galapagos Islands.

Price and details

Estimated Costs for Accessible Galapagos Vacations
Our estimates are based on past passenger rates for similar services. estimate applies to private accessible vacations in the Galapagos.
Galapagos Accessible Services Basic Deluxe Superior Luxury
Local Representatives w/24 hour contact services - X X X
Access Guide to Local Attractions, Daily Itinerary - X X X

Meet and Greet Assistance on Arrival

- X X X
Arrival Transfer, Airport to Hotel - X X X
5* Hotels, (Multiple Island Reservations, 2-3 min) -   X X
4* Hotels, (Multiple Island Reservations, 2-3 min) - X X X
Full Breakfast, Daily at each Hotel - X X X
Value Added Tax (VAT) All Applicable Local Taxes - X X X
City To City, by economy class Air Tickets - X X X
City To City, by 1st class Rail Tickets -      
City to City, by Private Car and Driver - X X X
Transfers: hotel/train and train/hotel - X X X
Transfers: hotel/airport and airport/hotel -   X X
Full Day, Private Guided Sightseeing - X X X
Full Day, Private Guided Countryside Sightseeing -   X X
Full Day, City Hostess -     X
Departure Transfer, Hotel/Airport - X X X
Admissions to Guided Attractions - X X X
Estimate of Private Vacation: Per Person, Per Day - $650 $750 $950
*Fluctuation in foreign currency markets and variations in hotel rates from low to high season may cause variations in our rates in some cities of +/- $50 per person, per day. Rates on this description are High Season Rates.
Our travel planners are free to discuss your accessible travel plans about your accessible Journey.

The accuracy of your quotation will be influenced by our exact destination and the date of your visit the number of passengers and their ages (number of individual rooms), your level of Necessary Access Required (accessible rooms vs adapted accessible rooms), logistical Considerations (exact point to point transportation logistics) Foreign Currency Valuation of the USA Dollar, and hotel room availability.


All Prices includes:
- All tours and activities specified in the program
- Private adapted transportation in Ecuador
- Private transportation in the Galapagos
- Accommodations specified in the program
- All entrance fees during tours and specified activities
- All meals specified in the program
- All transportation specified in program
Internal Ecuador economy class airfare Quito/Galapagos/Quito (valued at US$500 per person)
- Galapagos National Park entrance (US$110 per person)

The price doesn't include:
International airfare, passports, visas, travel insurance. Early arrival accommodation (not listed above) or early check-in, admission to attractions not specifically mentioned, gratuities to drivers, guides & service staff, beverages. Evening meals and other meals except where meals are specifically mentioned as inclusions and indicated, self-drive rental vehicles, items not mentioned specifically in the itinerary, items of personal nature, telephone and postage to/from outside the USA. Unforeseen items outside the tour operators control. Government fees relating to visitors from outside countries

A deposit of 20% is due at time of booking. Deposit is refundable until final payment. Final Payment is due 120 days prior to departure.

When To Go To The Galapagos:
Vacations in the Galapagos are influenced by weather and the climactic conditions produced by the Pacific Ocean's Humboldt Current bringing colder water and cooler temperatures to the Galapagos from June through November during the "Dry Season."
From December through May it's the rainy season with the sunniest skies and the calmest seas of the year. Water and air temperatures are warmer and drizzle blankets the islands. The smooth ocean waters benefit swimmers, boaters, and snorkelers. The season is the breeding season for sea turtles and sea lions and new pups appear in March and April.
June through November is the dry season when the Pacific Ocean's Humboldt Current brings colder water and cooler temperatures to the Galapagos. Plankton blossoms in the cooler water which attracts legends of birds, penguins, albatrosses and fish. Expect overcast conditions, winds, choppier seas and the mating rituals of the Blue-footed boobies during the dry season. The peak times for tourist vacationers are June to September and December and January.

Overall Program Notes on access and accessibility:
1. Our specially selected hotels in Galapagos provide good accessibility and good movement around the hotel. Bathroom doorways and appliance arrangements in the bathrooms make them suitable for wheelchair travelers, especially the one on Isabela Island.
2. Options for flying into the Galapagos are limited to two islands; San Cristobal and Baltra. Baltra was just renovated for larger planes and San Cristobal accepts flights from the main land. The trouble are the intra-island flights. Without the flights the transfers require a four hour boat crossing in open water.
3. We provide physical and technical assistance throughout the tour for activities
4. we provide physical assistance to go in and out boats at all ports and at all locations.

For Rates and Details:
Email Accessible Journeys for more information. EMAIL us HERE


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