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Wheelchair Accessible Israel VacationsWheelchair Accessible Israel Vacations

Access at Israel AttractionsAccess at Israel AttractionsAccess at Israel Attractions

Wheelchair Accessible Christian VacationsWheelchair Accessible Christian VacationsAccessible Christian Vacations

Wheelchair Accessible Jewish VacationsWheelchair Accessible Jewish VacationsAccessible Jewish Vacations

Wheelchair accessible self drive vacations in IsraelWheelchair accessible self drive vacations in IsraelAccessible Self Drive Vacations

Israel distance and mileageIsrael distance and mileageIsrael Distance and Mileage

What to see in Israel that is accessibleWhat to see in Israel that is accessibleWhat to see in Israel


Wheelchair accessible Israel Vacvations


Wheelchair Accessible
Israel Vacations

Our wheelchair accessible vacations in Israel are intended for slow walkers and wheelchair travelers of all religions and all abilities.

Whether your journey to Israel is commune with history, visit with relatives orto enhance your personal religious experience, our accessible vacations in Israel provide 30 years expertise for travelers with disabilities visiting Israel. We guarantee your stay in Israel will be as friendly and wheelchair accessible as possible.

Each wheelchair accessible vacations is custom designed for each traveler.

Our wheelchair accessible Israel vacations include:
- Wheelchair Accessible Hotels
- Self drive or chauffeur driven vehicles
- English speaking guides
- Our personal representatives in Israel

wheelchair accessible Israel

"4000 years of history and religion make travel to Israel a special experience"

Below are a few ideas of the wheelchair accessible vacations in Israel we make possible.

If you don't see an accessible vacation that interests you, send us an email about your own ideas and let's talk about your wheelchair accessible vacation possibilities in Israel.

We specialize in wheelchair accessible travel planning in Israel for:
General tourism in Israel
Family oriented vacations a family member using a wheelchair
Christian, Jewish, and Muslim, religious heritage vacations
Family Reunions for wheelchair travelers

Ancestral Visits for wheelchair travelers

Suggested wheelchair accessible vacations in Israel - tell us yours:
Wheelchair accessible Israel Vacations
Wheelchair accessible Christian Heritage Vacations
Wheelchair accessible Jewish Heritage Vacations With Kibbutz Stay
Wheelchair accessible self drive vacations in Israel
Israel Distance and Mileage Indicator
Wheelchair access at Israel attractions, cities and destinations

What to see on an Accessible Israel Vacation


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