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Wheelchair Accessible Zambia Safari VacationsAccessible Zambia Vacations

Lion Camp Wheelchair VacationxxLion Camp

Chinzombo Wheelchair Safari VacationxxChinzombo Safari

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Zambia Wheelchair Vacation Details and ConsiderationsxxZambia Wheelchair Vacation
Details and considerations

wheelchair accessible safari vacations

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Accessible Zambia Safari Vacations

Our wheelchair accessible safari vacations in Zambia offer luxury five star accommodations, modest access, and pristine landscapes where wildlife has been unaffected by civilization for centuries.

Accessible Zambia Safari showing hippos in the water
The peaceful, landlocked Republic of Zambia in the southern half of the African continent boasts massive amounts of wildlife and one of the world's largest waterfalls all thanks to the enormous volume of water that passes through the country

Accessible Zambia Overview

All of the most popular, accessible, wildlife camps and lodges in Zambia are closely associated with Zambia's three major rivers; the Zambezi and her two tributaries, the Kafue and the Luangwa. Roads in Zambia are poorly maintained, or nonexistent, and all of Zambia's tourist attractions are spread far apart. For these reasons, air flights between wildlife camps are the only solution for wheelchair tourists on vacation in Zambia.

The Zambezi River and it's two major tributaries, the Kafue and the Luangwa rivers are the main locations for the wildlife game lodges and bush camps in Zambia. The Zambezi is the fourth largest river in Africa and drains directly over Victoria Falls. Victoria Falls is the dividing point for the Zambia/Zimbabwe border as well as the dividing point between the upper and the middle Zambezi.

To the west of Lasaka, the Kafue River flows through the Kafue National Park which is Zambia's oldest and largest national park. However don't be fooled by the close proximity to civilization in Livingstone and Lasaka, parts of Kafue park are unexplored and other parts are too challenging for human access.

To experience centuries old pristine wilderness requires a trip to the camps of the Luangwa Valley along the South Luangwa River. The Luangwa River is totally unaffected by modern civilization from origin to end and the Luangwa Valley marks the southern end to Africa's Great Rift Valley. The valley holds three national parks: South Luangwa National Park, North Luangwa National Park and Luambe National Park. The the South Luangwa River camps are renowned for big populations of leopards and lions, as well as large herds of elephant, hippos, and crocodiles.

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Accessible Zambia Safaris

Lion Camp
This luxury tented camp in South Luangwa National Park caters to only 18 guests and the camps' remote location is one of its strongest assets. The lagoons in the area of camp are a rich mixture of vegetation and mixed woodland giving a high carrying capacity for game. Tented rooms are raised on stilts overlooking the lagoon which is a rich mixture of vegetation and mixed woodland giving a high carrying capacity for game viewing Each room is connected to the central hall by an elevated wooden walkway that is several feet over the ground. The manager on premises leads most of the walks and is a very accomplished bushman. Activities are either on foot, wheelchair, Segway, or by vehicle. Children under 12 are not accepted due to it’s remote location and a minimum stay of three nights is required. This South Luangwa Camp is only open June 1 through October 31
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Chinzombo The newly rebuilt luxury tented environment at Chinzombo is more comfortable, luxurious, and more spacious than the original. This Norman Carr Safaris property in the South Luangwa National Park adheres to the highest standards of food and service excellence. Wheelchair access can be challenging as access to the property id gained by boat from the Park side of the Luangwa River. Game-viewing is phenomenal but there can be heavy tourist traffic in the area in the peak Season.
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Chichele Presidential Lodge
Chichele Presidential Lodge 150 miles outside of the nation's capitol in Lusaka is Chichele. The Chichele Presidential Lodge is another one of the Luangwa’s historic camps that has undergone a face lift. The lodge has a unique colonial feel and commanding views. For wheelchair travelers who enjoy creature comforts, Chichele is the only place in the Luangwa with air-conditioned bedrooms. The lodge has a unique colonial feel and commanding views. Chichele is open year round and has 10 rooms and highly personalized staff and services.
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Kafunta River Lodge
Kafunta River Lodge This rustic gem in the South Luangwa National Park offer eight private safari chalets built on raised wooden platforms with thatched roofs. Each private chalet, the main lounge and the dining area overlook the Luangwa's game rich flood plain. The lodge is tastefully decorated and totally refurbished in 2014 and the lodge prides themselves on personalized service.
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Zambia Wheelchair Vacation Details

Visa Requirements to enter Zambia
United States Citizens require a valid visa to enter into Zambia. A Zambia visa is normally, and routinely, purchased at the point of entry to Zambia for USD$50 to USD$80 depending on single or double entry. The correct amount in USDollars is required. Visa requirements often change and this information is current as of November 2014. 

Money, USD$, and Credit Cards in Zambia
The currency in Zambia is the Kwacha. Currently (November 2014) the Kwacha is worth USD$00.20  or US$1 = ZMW 5).  Money changers are available but the easiest is to use the ATM's in all major airports and in urban centers throughout the country. USDollars are widely accepted and the correct amount in USDollars is required. If you bring USDollars, bring only "new notes" of varying denominations. Counterfeiting is a problem and older USA currency notes are usually not accepted. Credit cards are accepted in many places. Visa is the easiest to use, followed by Master Card and American Express.

Tips and Gratuities in Zambia
A 10% service charge is added to your bill at hotels and camps and restaurants.  At the end of the safari it is customary to tip the camp manager USD$10 per day, per person as appreciation when the service is good.

Medical Considerations
A variety of health risks are present throughout the continent of Africa and accurate and up to date medical advice from a qualified healthcare provider is necessary before visiting Zambia.
Accessible Journeys can not give medical advice but we can discuss precautions to assure our wheelchair travelers and their families have the safest safari vacation possible. The most common medical concerns for traveler's in Zambia are Hepatitis A, Cholera, Malaria, dehydration and sun exposure. While a Yellow Fever inoculation is not required to enter Zambia, travelers are required to have a Yellow Fever inoculation to enter South Africa or Tanzania after visiting Zambia.  Malaria is endemic in Zambia and travelers can contract Malaria in any area in Zambia.  Long trousers and long sleeve shirts in the evenings and mornings along with liberal applications of mosquito repellent are usually sufficient.

Sun and Dehydration on vacation
The African sun can cause sunburn and spoil a safari on a cloudy day.  Similar to the protection for mosquitoes, long trousers and long sleeve shirts along with liberal applications of sun screen are usually sufficient. The most common form of dehydration on safari comes from traveler's diarrhea. Hygiene standards at every camp are very high but this form of mild diarrhea is usually due to a change diet and water. This mild diarrhea is mostly an inconvenience which subsides in 1-2 days without medication and adequate hydration.

Flights on safari vacations
Flights on the Lower Zambezi between local camps normally rely on single engine, 121 seat, Cessna 208 Caravan aircraft, while flights in and out of the South Luangwa and Livingstone sometimes utilize larger planes.

Other Wheelchair Traveler Considerations
A can-do attitude and flexibility are required for this adventure. Many travelers with disabilities have visited Zambia with our assistance in the past and Zambia and a few words of preparation are necessary. In Zambia, very little or no considerations for travelers with wheelchairs has been taken into consideration. Banks, schools, universities, and post office's still struggle with accessibility issues for travelers with disabilities. Still Zambia is on its way towards accessibility. People with disabilities who live and work in Zambia as well as visitors with wheelchairs are beginning to experience Zambia's vast, wild, remote, and primitive resources with rebuilt wilderness lodges and local enthusiasm for people with disabilities. Even if you are staying in a luxury, five star lodge, this is a rigorous vacation and every participant should be flexible and willing to accept situations in Zambia where access and accessibility remains limited. For this reason, it is generally difficult, if not impossible, to accommodate passengers using scooters, carts and electric wheelchairs in all safari bush camps and lodges.


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