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Our accessible vacations to
Egypt are perfect for
individual travelers, couples
and Families with Wheels©.


barrier free tour in Egypt


Wheelchair Accessible Vacations in Egypt

Our wheelchair accessible vacations in Egypt are the very best of all possibilities. Our first hand knowledge about access and accessibility in Egypt and our collaboration with the world's best accessible travel planners make any Egypt travel dream come true.

Our travel planners know access and accessibility in Egypt first hand. We pride ourselves on designing accessible travel packages for individual, couples and families with wheels©.
• Accessible transfers
• Intra-Egypt flights & reservations
• Accessible hotels in major cities
• Accessible guided sightseeing

• Accessible Nile River Cruise
• Custom Itinerary Planning in Egypt


wheelchair accessible egypt

accessible travel egypt

If it's luxury you're missing, Egypt is King of the accessible luxury vacation.

Luxury is normal tourist fare in Egypt; choosing your personal level of luxury is always a choice we assist with.

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