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Kenya Safari need to know
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Need To Know Details

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Need To Know Details


Season and Climate
The rainy season is from April until June. The annual wildlife migration is from mid-June until early September. Daytime temperature in June sometimes hits 80 and cold nights to 50 are possible. October is dry and warm. Road dirt and dust are always present and increase in dry seasons. The sun is always present and must be guarded against constantly. February is also a popular time to view wildlife.

Level of Difficulty
While certain safaris require little physical effort, others can be more demanding. A safari can be more rigorous and more difficult than local travel, or traveling in your own country. It is also essential that persons accompanying special travelers be fully confident that they can fully cope for the duration of the safari with all aspects of their responsibilities.

We can accept disabled travelers on their own only if they are self-sufficient in every way. By wheelchair accessible, we mean that doorways in hotels and bathroom are sufficiently wide to accommodate an average sized wheelchair, and that special travelers will be able to negotiate their wheelchair in our hotels and hotel rooms. There are no special adaptations or aids provided in any hotel or bathroom. Ramps are used for vehicle loading to accommodate transfers into seats. An able-bodied assistant is along for the duration of the safari to help with transfers, lifts and baggage.



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