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The hongi is a traditional Maori greeting. Noses are pressed together and the ha, or breath of life, is exchanged and intermingled. The hongi is an integral part of the powhiri (welcoming ceremony).
image credit: James Heremaia



10 excellent reasons for an
accessible vacation in
New Zealand

Here are 10 reasons why we encourage our wheelchair travelers and their families to plan their accessible vacation in New Zealand.

Reasons for an accessible vacation in New Zealand 1. New Zealand is considered one of the safest destinations in the world. It's a stable first world country and New Zealanders are welcoming and happy to help visitors.

2. English is the primary language. The country is aided by good tourism and transportation infrastructure and it's easy to get around. Roads are clearly signposted and there's always a friendly New Zealander to point you in the right direction.

3. New Zealand is virtually disease free and vaccinations are not necessary. Tap water throughout New Zealand is excellent and safe to drink.

4. There are no dangerous animals, no poisonous reptiles, and only one poisonous spider that's very rarely seen.

5. More than a third of New Zealand's land is protected in parks and reserves and all are open to visitors. The Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed throughout New Zealand and the stunning landscapes featured in the film still remain.

6. Vacationing in New Zealand offers a very good value for most of the world's major currencies. Visitors travelling on the USD (United States Dollar), GBP (British Pound), and EUR (European Euro) will find their money goes a long way in New Zealand.

handicapped friendly vacations in New Zealand
accessible new zealand
7. All major credit cards are used in New Zealand and travellers cheques are accepted at hotels, banks and some stores. ATMs (automated teller machines) are plentiful.

8. Getting from one place to another in New Zealand takes longer and roadways are uncongested. Major motorways are found only in the major cities and it seems that the scenery is responsible for slowing down all the drivers. New Zealand forces visitors to devote more plenty of time for scenery, vistas and café stops on the way.

9. Visas are not required for most visitors staying less than three months who are citizens of Australia, America, Austria, Canada, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland. United Kingdom visitors can stay for six months without a visa.

10. New Zealand is clean, unpolluted, nuclear free, and uncrowded.
image credits: H.McCoy,III


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