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"If you have built
castles in the air,
your work
need not be lost;
that is where
they should be.
Now put the foundations
under them."

Henry David Thoreau (1817 - 1862)
"Walden" Chapter 18





A visit with AJ's President/CEO

We created this section in our web site for two reasons. We believe that the people who manage a business are a good measure of a business's abilities. And second, our clients', who have personally traveled with Howard as their escort told us to make this section available so new clients could know who they're working with.

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In India on "Holi" Joining the Mendenhall Glacier Club no digital magic - just perspective
with coffee and ready to work another visit to the Taj Digital magic
Devon, Debbie and Howard McCoy Howard and Debbie McCoy Devon, Debbie and Howard McCoy

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