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A visit with AJ's President/CEO

"I believe that one measure of a good business is to know the people behind it.

I've devoted 28 years to making the world more accessible with Accessible Journeys, and as I mentally go through the years, my fondest memories are traveling with my wife Debbie and getting to know the wonderful people who traveled with us, to all places around the globe.


One of the reasons behind Accessible Journeys is I grew up with a family member with a disability. We always included Uncle Ralph in everything a normal family would do together, so I grew up knowing nothing about disabled issues; I only knew solutions.

And that's the remarkable thing about travel; that it's message and motivation are personal."

Howard J. McCoy, III, RN

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In India on "Holi" Joining the Mendenhall Glacier Club no digital magic - just perspective
with coffee and ready to work another visit to the Taj Digital magic
Devon, Debbie and Howard McCoy Howard and Debbie McCoy Devon, Debbie and Howard McCoy

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