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Life's a Beach

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life's a beach

Life's a Beach

"Living in Florida, we are a hop skip and a jump from the ocean. But since I've become wheelchair bound, the ocean has been just out of my grasp. The frustrations of little things like easy vacations or being on the beach again, had long since left my ability. We found Accessible Journey's online, and Kathy helped us book our first cruise to the Caribbean. She set us up with a fantastic accessible cruise line that made our trip easy and relaxing. She also helped us to get a beach wheelchair for our final stop on the cruise, to the private island in the Bahamas. Our cruise ship docked and for the first time in over 3 years, it seemed I'd make it on the beach! They had the beach chair ready for me, and with my wife's assistance, I made it on to the beach and into the water!!! It was a surreal and overwhelming experience. Something so simple, to go on to the beach and into the ocean, had been just out of my grasp for so long, yet here I was in the water again!! It was a very long time before my wife could coax me back to land. I did not want the experience to end! Accessible Journey's not only gave us a vacation of a lifetime, but allowed me to experience the sweet and simple pleasure of relaxing on the beach and splashing in the ocean! This was a trip I will never forget and I am so very thankful!" M. MacIntosh.

image courtesy of M. Macintosh

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